D4 Filter Caps

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D4 Filter Caps

Boost your filtration process with our D4 filter caps. Specially designed for the efficient filtration of fluids in lab and analytical applications, these caps deliver seamless and quick filtration, even on a smaller scale. They're a vital part of our PureFlo filters line.
Each of our disc capsule filters is constructed from polypropylene, ensuring excellent chemical compatibility. With ten different media options to choose from, you can tailor the D4 filter caps to meet your exact needs.

Our D4 filter caps are small and compact, minimizing hold-up volume and reducing exposure to hazardous liquids. Their production involves no adhesives, binders, or surfactants, and we thermally seal each filter for integrity. Experience the advantage of lab filter caps, and make your operations significantly safer and more efficient with our D4 filter caps.

D4 Filter Caps

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