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Filter Press

Our economical priced filter press immediately stands out due to the sturdy frame and overall design. The workmanship is exquisite and the engineering design detail is unmatched. Each leaf or filter plate is designed around a unique expanded metal flow plate that increases the flow area 40% over competitive designs. This innovative feature allows our filter press to achieve much higher flow rates and more process volume to pass prior to a filter change, Figure 1, below illustrates the expanded metal flow plate design.

The depth in the filter plate in combination with the expanded metal flow plate allows more filter cake volume to evenly spread across the leaf creating more volume to store unwanted contaminates or process harvest (as in blood fractionation) to collect, see Figure 2. This ensures a high capture rate while maintaining lower pressure drop.

The dual seal around the filter plate with precision machining creates a design with minimum or zero leakage between the filter plates when operating. This closed loop design being fully enclosed allows for CIP and SIP cleaning. Mechanical dehydration assists are available to recover a larger volume of your valuable process fluids. 


  • All Wetted Parts with Customized MOC & Finish
  •  Expandable Metal Flow Plates
  •  No Dead Legs
  •  Stout Jack Screw-ensures sealing
  •  No Undesirable Product loss
  •  Unique Geometry & Enhance Flow & Optimal use of filtration Area
  •  Precision Machining & Surface Finish to Ensure Sealing
  •  Easy Assembly & Dismantling & Cake Washing
  •  Reduces Filtration Cleaning Time
  • Option for Automatic Plate Shifters & Cleaning Portals


  • Economically Priced
  •  Easy Cleaning
  •  Lower Pressure Drops
  •  High Flow Rates
  •  40% more flow area
  •  Higher Filter Efficiencies
  •  Closed loop System; Allows CIP and SIP cleaning
  •  Minimum or zero leakage
  • Impressive Machinery


  • Pharmaceuticals
  • Biologicals
  • Chemical Processing Industry
  • Beer and Wine
  • Waste Recovery
  • Food & Beverage
Filter Press
Filter Press

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