Lenticular Stacks BioPharm

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Specifically formulated to meet the performance demands of biopharmaceutical and biotech applications. The filter media utilize mechanical and electrokinetic adsorptive capture mechanisms to remove particles, microorganisms, colloids, and pyrogen from critical process streams. Purolator, a leader in depth media development, has invested years of research and development to create a range of filter grades to meet stringent application requirements.

The proprietary formulation process produces filter media with exceptionally high, effective filtration area that provides superior particle retention, high contaminant holding capacity, and long on-stream filter life. Manufacturing by means of an advanced, highly automated production process results in very consistent product quality and filtration performance. Purolator can provide technical assistance to validate the performance of DEPTH-CLEAR filters in new processes and applications.

Pharmaceutical Grade (P Series) filter modules are manufactured to procedures described in a Drug Master File (DMF) on record at the National Center for Drugs and Biologics. The filter media is non-toxic in accordance with systemic injection testing. A special low extractable (LE Series) grade is available for susceptible processes and high purity applications. The DEPTH-CLEAR P & LE grades have complete product control and traceability, as set forth in the Drug Master File. and configurations to fit most standard housings.

Lenticular Stacks BioPharm
Lenticular Stacks BioPharm

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