Typical Filtered Volumes

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Typical Filtered Volumes – Aqueous Solutions – Single Layer Membrane

Volumes in your facility will vary with products; however, this should serve as a guideline. The amount and number of active ingredients heavily influence the volume filtered.

Filters with Dual Membrane

This has been a great strategy for our customers. Filters containing dual layers can yield 35% to 2x additional volume filtered. The price increase is approximately 15% for adding a second layer.

Typical Filtered Volumes – Pure Oil Solutions-No Active Ingredients

Volumes in your facility will vary per oil filtered; however, this should serve as a guideline. For best results, prior to filtering the oil, heat it to 90 to 100 oF, this will allow you to achieve the results shown in the table above. 

Oil with Active Ingredients

For oil solutions with one or more active ingredients the filtered volume will reduce approximately 50% or more shown in the table above.

FDA-approved USP <797> ISO-14001 ISO-13485

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