Fine Chemical Filtration

Fine Chemical and Micro Electronics Filtration 

High-purity chemicals and solvents are essential in manufacturing micro-electronics, enabling advancement in life science, technology, communication, etc. International Filter Products' capability of solving your fine chemical and micro-electronic filtration problems knows no limits. Our proven products and experience in filtration serve our customers to meet the high purity requirements. We are proud to offer the fine chemical filters with multiple configurations currently available on the market, along with many alternatives that cannot be found elsewhere, all while providing a variety of media options to meet your needs. 

International Filter Products understands customers’ expectations and helps select filtration solutions that minimize process downtime and reduce product waste without compromising the quality of the product. 

Our electronic-grade capsules are available in wet packed, which offers the industry's lowest metals extractables. In a 10 percent HNO3 extraction, our ultraclean capsules have as low as <5 ppb metal extractables. Our fine chemical filter capsules and cartridges are manufactured, flushed, and packaged in a cleanroom environment. The flushing process uses 18MΩ ultra-pure pyrogen-free water with a 0.03µm rating. The wet pack option ensures our products are ready to be used right out of the package.  

Economical capsule filter assemblies are ready-to-use filters that offer high flows, increased throughputs, and high strength, all with the convenience and cleanliness of a disposable and easy-to-install filter assembly in a small package.

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International Filter Products offers small to medium-sized capsules commonly used to filter high-purity solvents, acids, bases, and medications.  

This section contains a few of the most popular capsule filters that are used for fine chemical filtration. 

The capsule assemblies are available with a wide range of hydrophilic and hydrophobic filter membranes manufactured, tested, and packaged in a clean room under the ISO 9001 Quality Management System to ensure the product's cleanliness and control the documentation. All products offered are manufactured containing no adhesives or surfactants. Our wide variety of capsules have broad chemical compatibility, especially suitable for extremely aggressive chemicals to ensure product effectiveness for the long term. All capsules are 100 percent integrity tested and flushed before packaging. Validation guides are also available for compliance with regulatory requirements. 

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International Filter Products' cartridge filters are simply quality filters, well packaged, and offered at an economical and competitive price. The classic range is available in all major membrane types, including PES, PTFE and PP, which come in various sizes for filtration volumes ranging from a few liters to several hundred liters. Our fine chemical filter electronic-grade cartridges are manufactured, flushed, and packaged in a cleanroom environment. The flushing process uses 18MΩ ultra-pure pyrogen-free water with a 0.03µm rating. The wet pack option ensures our products are ready to be used right out of the package.  

International Filter Products offers electronic-grade cartridges to ensure high-purity filtration for fine chemicals.  

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The Fluorocap filter capsule is a standard product for aggressive wet etch and clean applications. It provides good flow rates and on-stream life at an economical price. The all-fluoropolymer (Teflon) construction provides excellent chemical resistance for the most aggressive applications up to 180°C. Its integral filter design maximizes up-time with safe and simple change-outs. Ultraclean wet-packed which offers the lowest metals extractables in the industry. 

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International Filter Products offers PHV series single element filter housings manufactured from pure virgin polypropylene, which has broad chemical compatibility to meet your various application requirements. IFP's virgin polypropylene housings are uniquely designed for critical applications that require a high degree of cleanliness. No metal components are used to fabricate the housing, eliminating the potential for ionic or metallic contamination.  

PHV Series virgin polypropylene housings are offered in 10" and 20" lengths that will accept filter cartridges with a single open end, 222 O-rings, flat closed-end configurations. The compact design of the housings requires minimal installation space while reducing hold-up volume. IFP's virgin polypropylene housings can withstand high operating pressures and are an economical alternative to metal housings. 

Single Element Plastic Filter Housings can also be constructed in other sustainable materials (CPVC, HDPE, and PDVF) upon the customer's request.  

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International Filter Products offers both Electronic Grade and Industrial Grade Multi-Round Plastic Filter Housings for flow rates up to 145 GPM while handling the most stringent chemical and microelectronic industry applications. All facets of this product's design and manufacturing process have been focused on achieving low extractables while filtering down up to 0.02 microns absolute. The filter housings are available in CPVC, PP, HDPE, and PVDF. 

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The Tefzel lined (ETFE)  316L Stainless Steel multi-round housing is designed for industrial use and critical process.

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