Inline Chemical Filters and Capsules

Economical capsule filter assemblies are ready-to-use filters that offer high flows, increased throughputs, high strength, all with the convenience and cleanliness of a disposable and easy-to-install filter assembly in a small package. The MKP and SKL inline chemical filters and capsules are designed for small to medium sized volume final filtration used in many industry types for commonly used solvents, bases (aqueous & oils) and medications.  

PureFlo® capsule assemblies are available with a wide range of hydrophilic and hydrophobic filter membranes manufactured, tested, and packaged in a clean-room under the ISO 9001 Quality Management System to ensure the products' cleanliness and control the documentation. All products are produced containing no adhesives or surfactants. Our wide variety of inline chemical filters and capsules have a broad chemical compatibility, especially suitable for gases and corrosion chemicals to ensure product effectiveness for long periods of time.

All capsules are 100% integrity tested prior to shipment, validation guides are also available for compliance with regulatory requirements.


MKL Series capsules were designed for small-scale filtration, clarification, and filling applications in the pharmaceutical, biotechnology, food and beverage, medical, chemical, and water industries worldwide. This family of products is particularly suitable for scale-up testing where a full size capsule or cartridge would be excessive.

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PureFlo® Hi Performance Polypropylene Media capsules are constructed of 100% Polypropylene making them excellent options due to their thermal and chemical compatibility. Featuring 98% rated pleated polypropylene media which allows for the removal of particles at a high efficiency as well as high flow rates and low pressure drops.

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